Solitude 2010

Fellowship Akademie Schloss Solitude - Kunstkoordination - Diary - Akademie Schloss Solitude - Württembergischer Kunstverein - Stuttgart - 2010

It is made with my old CYBERSHOT-handy and the knowing that i can do a lot to fake quality with 72 dpi.

2010/09/12 ARRIVAL
The sun is schining at its best, a cordial welcome and a wondefull goodbye to three rumanian fellows. With self-burned Schnaps -Tzuika- and a great choral-live-gig in the dome of Solitude.

2010/09/13 FLAT SHARE
What you see here, is the ranch for disused horses of Stuttgard police. And what you also see is the cohabiter of this special flat share. A very nice project. I hope that i can save a picture with the whole family, because he is not very talkative about himself or his flatshare partners.

2010/09/14 BIKE-RIDE
I miss my downhill track in Jena, but to speed down to Gerlingen is very nice.
But i´m not only here to have fun.
Today we had a first meeting in the WKV. And it was nice to see the same good mix of cultural working, between cordialness and professionalism, like in the akademy and also at home. It gives a good feeling to work hand in hand, to have the free space to work with the artists in the same way. And to see the differences to my projects and jobs. That´s what i try to learn here in the working process.
In the evening i captured this object deep in the park, during a bike tour.
That stands for the most important thing which art needs to develop further. Space to create, to build acceptability, to convert the reality. To transform the nature of a tree that was stuck by lightning, or an waste pommel horse as flatshare partner for old horses.

A very interesting thing in Solitude is the presentation of the working process.
Mostly in the evening, 1-3 times a week, a lot of the fellowers appear themselves in caféteria to listen, to see, and in the end, to exchange the views.
And today about: STADIUM/ MEDIUM. An Archaeology of Public Viewing.
The work of Knut Ebeling, wich is a philosopher, media theorist, and art critic.
Beside all the cultural, scientific and technical approach, was the aspect of -Public Viewing- one of the interesting.
Public viewing is the English word for necropsy, Leichenschau in german.
Wich reminds me of a theory in the book -Gnosis- of Adam Fawer und Jörn Ingwersen, a science fiction novel with charcters, wich have different types of inceased sense. the same time, when the most of us eating supper, you can see the most bloddy news, the most stupid shows on tv and so on. Because to see crass things or agony, while the human is eating, amplified the sense of taste...
And this is the beginning of the evolution, from fight scenes in the historical bread and games arena, with lunch or snack in the hand, to the current situations.
Public viewing is growing to a mass event. A soccer game is limited to a minimal degree of violance today,´s good so. But on tv the old times are present.
Enjoy your meal.
Well, this presentation screen picture shows an historical arena.

2010/09/16 SINGLE TRAIL
During a round trip from solitude to gerlingen i found a nice single track and on the way back at the Solitude-Street a jouth-center, with a small but challenging Bikepark, which is fully restored next week.
It´s a dream.

Tonight evening presentation of Anna Lipphardt and Jia Lyng Tang.
Their project explores the interdependencies of mobility, the life situation of artists, artistic practices, and the art market. Despite the fact that mobility has always played a central role in regard to cultural productivity and artistic biographies, its implications have so far not been studied systematically. The interdisciplinary project will take a participatory approach, based on interviews, questionnaires, and artistic intervention. At the moment Jia and Anna are developing the research design and therefore would be very happy to learn more about your experiences and thoughts on being on the move. (Thanks to Viola for this text module)
Its a starting project and also interesting for other areas of art science and business. And also interesting for me, because i´m not really a traveler.

In Stuttgart you need only on person to collect the trash. He or she is driving the car, handle the lift-grabber and bring it to the collecting point.
Its interesting to look at it, but i miss the dude that is not to begrudge so.

An everyday banal using of the Solitude.
It´s used as afterimage for any kinds of presentation. A banal thing when you see it every day. It makes the especial day of wedding absurd.

Isn´t it nice? This is one Picture which was presented yesterday evening in the exibition at solitude. A computer designed plastic gradient thing of the spanish architect Ivan Balesteros.
Enjoy it...

Nice view out of my studio this morning. Autumn is comming.

On the way to WKV we stopped at the temporarily playground of Staatstheater Stuttgart. Improvisation in a big style. Over 400 seats on top of a scaffold and a playground big like half an soccer field, made of europallets. It was so impressive to see what´s growing up in the old flagship store of Mercedes Benz. And the rotating star on the roof was changed to the sign of the theater.
What you see on the picture, is the creativity which is growing up when the old building is transform to a cultural space.
Gaffa makes the world go round.

It´s never easy to say good by. Also in solitude. But mostly a good time for an event. Yesterday Chukas made a special meal for the fellows and the leaving fellows. Shashlik like the armenians do.
Self made grill, self made wood charcoal, self made porc. What a mess.
It was enough flesh for lunch today in the sunny backyard.

Now the fun is over and four stressfull days getting started, with 3 performances and one theater play. Everything was finished in the last second and working right. But it was a pity that i could not experience it. I was to down after the work every day. And there was no time to go to the Stuttgart 21 demo or making good photos of the working process. This one shows the beginning of an 4 week performance of Ivan Civic.


Easy concept but difficult to finish. In the end it looks great and Ivan was happy.
On you can look day by day, how Ivan perform.
He is walking between the stones in slow motion, pushing the stones with a hammer, also verry slow. A undertone with a small and soft echo of the space in the glass pavilion of WKV is outcoming. It´s a work about and with time, or the meaning of time. And he is doing it every day from 11am to 18pm except Monday and until 2010/09/21.
And now a pic of the begining of exibition. Sadly, i have no pictures of the other performances that we build in the same time with the artists.

2010/09/29 3TH DAY OF TIMEWALK
You have to keep in mind that it is the sole time between the real work for the rest of the year, when Ivan have time for his mind. Freed of his duties.

2010/09/30 BRAVEHEART
Building the playground of Bernhard Dechant´s theater play. The 4th day of exibition at WKV. the hardest day of all. No trial of light and sound, but in the end a wonderfull play.

Braveheart on 2010/09/30 at WKV.

That was all that i see the whole 4 days of Stuttgart 21. These crash barriers are parked at WKV. Today we visited the shopping lunacy of Stuttgart and to come down from the rush, we did a trip to the parkarea of demonstrations. The feeling on the area confirmed me that especialy the average citizen does not know what policy is training today. They dont learn to bring savety to a cituation like this was. They learn to defeat a civil rebellion and unlearn to see the differences among demonstration and rebellion. And sadly, the citizens does not see whats coming.
It´s exactly the same like in East Germany before the wall is falling. But the protection of the police is better and whose actions getting harder. Democracy is gone in the last years, that you should know. Welcome in the science fiction storys of the eighties. But full HD.

And a disgusting Bratwurst. Miles away from the thuringian prototype. With 3 mm parched crust. Therefore good and fast cooking in the evening.

Anytime its time to go for a new start or comback at Home.

Nice weather also for the flat share.

One part of ivan´s exibition is the documentation every day. A 2 terrabite hdd is saving the videostrem and from day to day friends are arriving making photos for him or for herself. Some people are fans or backer´s.

2010/10/05 WORKING PLACE
These moments are a good reason to work here. The WKV in the evening sun.

2010/10/07 RED CORNEL (Cornus sanguinea)
This plant is one of the most representativ but disregarded plant in Germany. The german name Roter Hartriegel is exactly translated red hard locking bar. It is one of the hardest wood we have. In the past times it was used for locking bars.
I use it for training weapon construcktions, bo, trapper knifes and swards.
Landscape architect´s use it for green barrier´s by highways. Because when the top of an branch is contacting the earth, it grows in. So no animal can run through on the highway and it compensate the car crash energy.
Its art and science in reality.
In autumn the leaves getting dark red but the red in the name means the red shoot in springtime. Mostly the red one is mixed with Yellow Cornel. The yellow means the blossom and it shoot with fresh green in springtime.
The forrest around Solitude is full of them.

The nice race way down the hill is one thing. The way home another one. View from the middle point.

2010/10/09 TOP DEER
Mirror pic of WKV.

Ther is another special thing at soltude beside the weddings, car presentations and a lot of nice dogs. Weekend excursions of Stuttgart people.
Some knows the seats of the academie or leaving the exibitions via the backyard. It´s very nice to meet and to listen what they think about the place or the exibitions.
Some only ask for a coffee, becaus the official restaurant is closed on sunday???

Sometimes kids looking for ivan and waiting for an action.

Tune the glass wing black, building a dance performance stage, clear all after the amazing play and rebuild the room to the clear place for ivan´s stage.

A great peformance, amusing and illuminative. Eine Kaffeefahrt der Menschlichkeit.
All day stuff in a buckling perspective with the darmaturgy of a bric-a-brac sales clerk. Michel Schmidt.
And this is the handycam stand for proffessional cam-rides, easy to transport, to assemble and to use. The pic is from the exibition at solitude and was presented in the performance. This is exactly what i need next summer for a bike-downhill video project with helmet-cam´s.

More on ivans blog. >>> click
Shedding time - performance day 12. 2010/10/11

The new fellows bring a so lovely idea to the academy. The sunday dinner. Because the autumn is comming, everything is grey and cooking meetings are the best way to fight against it. So this is the meal that i made.
Its a typical autumn meal of thuringia or the rest of Europe. Collard with beef mince. You only need beef mince, collard, self hashed pepper, salt and chemical-x. And one day leave it stand.

A good drink for cooking. You need a half litre glass, with a quater Wodka, a quater Cahlúa, two quaters milk, if you have, iceblocks. But don´t forget to say skoal to Tarantino, Lebowski and especialy Jesus, the best Bowler.

Sienna from Alaska, a new fellow, is making photos and videos of ivans performance. It´s such a nice contrast to the autumn weather. And a moment after my sunday work to come down and shoot a video to.

Some new problems with the act on wednesday but a great remembering.
The drummer of the performance projekt i met bevore in jena at the kulturarena, when i worked as security manager. He played with the pop project paula but in fact he is a jazz musician.
It was so great to listen his experimental play while we wait for the WKV technician an to talk about touring and give a touring band a homefull welkome, when we pic up some stuff in the city.

With the new fellows also comming the computer problems. And the amiable Solitude specialist gives his best. Multitasking at it´s best. Family meeting of PC´s an Mac´s with a lot of problems or programs that be needed.

2010/10/20 TECH-CON
The Girls from WKF found my sketch book with the sketch of Ivans stage. The right moment i think. So i make a last pic of it, and i try to sign it give it to him as an memorial and to thank him for his great energy.
His Performance was a so peacfull place while my work. Thank you so much.

Ivans last pose. Have a look at 2 minutes of sit down on the couch in the middle and stop my work. Saving a last view and remembering the whole 6 weeks of hard work.
And geting the idea, that it is the significant connection between us.
We saw the work of each other every day, talked after it about our feelings and ideas when we are back in solitude and smiled a lot about the nice and bad moments.

And now, finishing the rest. The performance of Ole Aselmann, Berlin-Bejing.

and Maren Antonia Geers, Beerdigungsgymnastik. Funeral gymnastics. Both are great and a thankfull end of my work.

2010/10/22 BULKY WORDS
Solitude is also publikation. In the occation of 20th anniversary is coming out the book Bulky Words. A collection of what a bulky word is for the fellows of the last 20 years.
My bulky word would be - social-cultural-...whatever. It doesn´t exist. Its culture.
It was build for all what a politician can not classify. But how is to classify the word itself. It doesn´t make it better.
The germans and her furor to classify...

2010/10/23-24 LAST DAYS
Now it´s time to go.
6 weeks of performance, meeting nice people and get an insight of the Akademy Schloss Solitude and the Würtembergischer Kunstverein.
And the idea that - Solitude begins after Solitude - (Joly).
...well, so it is.

Special thanks to: Joly, Nadine, Konstantin, Lu, Horst, Mrs Roth, Silke, Jan, Janek, Serge, Hans, the amiable colleagues in the office of Solitude and WKV and last but not least the artist´s and fellows.
See you next time...

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